Ephedrine Canada


Ephedrine in Canada:

Ephedrine is available over the counter in Canada in pure form. The limits on ephedrine are 8mg per tablet and 50 tablets per bottle. Some of the popular Canadian ephedrine brands are kaizen and iHealth, most of these companies also make caffeine which can be stacked with ephedrine for fat loss. Ephedrine is one of the most effective energy boosters and fat burners on the market, ephedrine and caffeine combined for fat loss is referred to as the EC stack, it’s popular in fitness and bodybuilding communities.

Ephedrine – EC Stack

The EC stack is the ephedrine-caffeine stack. Many bodybuilders use this stack to cut fat mass while retaining muscle. The EC stack is basically 16-24mg Ephedrine & 200mg of Caffeine taken 2-3 times per day. 8 weeks on, at least 4 weeks off.

Where to buy real Ephedrine HCL in Canada

Ephedrine is available at most supplement and nutrition stores

Ephedrine – Nasal decongestant

Ephedrine is amazing at opening the airways – Many people with asthma use ephedrine to improve their breathing, or even people who have the flu!